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Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Real Parties} Jack's Vintage Train Party...and semi Thomas the Tank Engine

So it's official, my baby is 2 years old!  I can't believe how time flies!

Let me start by saying, I've never been a fan of throwing 'character' parties for my kids, but since Jack is into all things Thomas the tank engine, it was the likely choice of themes.  I tried to keep the decor more vintage train but I had to throw in some Thomas for the birthday boy.
I saw this via Pinterest and had my husband
make'tracks' on our walkway. Apparently,
I should have used black electrical tape instead
because most of the guests avoided the walkway
thinking we were having work done on it!
My vision was for the kids all be seated at the table eating their
boxed lunches, wearing their bandannas and hats (girls hats with
the rosette) I forgot that kids aren't big fans of sitting...
but there were a few that sat and enjoyed their lunches

place setting at the kids table
I saw a great chili bar on celebrations at home
that I fell in love with so when I was trying
to figure out what to serve the adults that was
still fun and rustic, I opted for this chili bar
chili bar decor

I love chili fritos! All you do is open up a single serve bag of fritos,
fill it with chili and top it with your favorite toppings and
eat it with a spoon...yummy!

drink station

I have to admit there was a little drama while I was making the cake.
I have a hard time saying no to taking on work from clients,
so knowing that I was throwing a party for my son, I still took on 4
other orders and so there I was in the kitchen at 3am crying to my husband
that my kids always get the short end of the stick.
I equate that little tantrum to, well, the fact that is was 3am
and I was just not happy with the way it turned out.
In reality, he could care less, all he wanted to eat is
the fondant sign...of course.

 my dad made the railroad crossing signs for me and the trunk
that the train whistles are displayed in was my grandmother's train case.
I love that I have been able to use it for both of Jack's parties,
it makes me feel like she was there, especially because she never got to
meet him. Last year I used it for props for the photo booth.

the kids went home with engineer hats, bandannas, a piece of coal
filled with Thomas the train gummies and a train whistle
Jack in the Thomas shirt having a blast with all his buddies!