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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{Real Parties} Cupcakes & Cocktails

I'm blessed with great neighbors.  Once a month, we, 'The Chase Ladies Club' gather at a designated members home to have some have some wine... eat... have some wine... well, you get the picture! Basically, each person has an opportunity to host a month and have the ladies over. February happened to be my month, the theme?  You guessed it!

Cupcakes & Cocktails

my inspiration for the party circles came from a candy mold for gems that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in Kansas City. I couldn't stop making pink gems, so I decided to pair it with one of my favorite patterns, damask.

I decided on two types of cupcakes with matching cocktails...and in my world, the cupcakes come first!

Kahlua martini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and edible gems (paired with a Kahlua martini)

and champagne cupcakes with strawberry whipped cream (paired with a champagne cocktail)

Normally, the unanimous drink of choice is wine but the ladies seemed to enjoy the champagne cocktail and Kahlua martini for a change.  I say that because only one bottle of wine out of 8 was opened!

the munchies menu consisted of an assorted cheese platter, sausage stuffed mushrooms, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, spanakopita, some kettle corn and a cupcake fondue recipe I found on Pintsize Social

we all ended the night with a cupcake pop (really just a marshmallow dressed up as a cupcake)

One last and final picture I just MUST throw in....

my 'sometimes' supportive husband making the fondue for the cupcake fondue station

I got a lot of heat for writing that under the about me section of this blog so this one is for my husband, who was incredibly helpful that night... Thank you John!

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  1. I love the cupcakes in the champagne flute with the candied gem!!!! Soooo darling! Also love the how you posted your labels in the cupcakes! Perfect.