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Monday, May 9, 2011

{Tutorial} Month by Month Onesie Bunting

I apologize for the delay on this tutorial.  I know I promised this one quite some time ago! If you did not see the original post on this Blush and Bashful Baby Shower, take a look, it's very pink and very girly!!  I got a lot of emails asking for a tutorial on these, so without further adieu...

I love this onesie bunting because it doubles as shower decor and the perfect gift for the mommy-to-be. 

 What you'll need:
    • 12 onesies ranging from size 1 month to 12 months, washed and dried
    • Iron-on transfer paper (if you are using colored onesies, be sure that the transfer paper is suited accordingly)
    • Design made in photo shop or any other program that will allow you to use text with a photo
    • Iron
  1. The first thing you'll have to do is come up with a design.  I generally try to stick with the theme of the shower or the theme of the baby's nursery.  Try to keep the size of the design to roughly 3 or 4 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches in height.  Once you have come up with your design, you'll need to flip each design to a mirror image.
  2. Print your design according to the manufacturers instructions onto the transfer paper.
  3. Cut out each month, leaving a 1/8-1/4 inch border around each design.
  4. Heat your iron to the highest heat setting without steam.

    5.  Place your design face down on the onesie and gently place the iron over
         the back side of the design allowing the design to adhere to the onesie.
         Continue moving the iron over the design until the design has completely
         adhered to the onesie.
    6.  Allow the iron on to cool slightly then gently remove paper backing.
         Repeat steps 1-6 for each of the onesies.

They are so cute attached to a clothes line and displayed around the shower and the mommy-to-be will appreciate having a keepsake that shows each month how much baby has grown!

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