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Monday, August 4, 2014

{Real Parties} Camping Party

I know I just recently got around to posting my youngest son's 3rd birthday but here are the photos from his 4th birthday party.

He really wanted ANOTHER dino dig or as he put it...Jurassic Park, but we settled on a camping theme. Sadly, this will probably be one of the last years that I have input on choosing a theme.

Welcome to Camp JC:

I love unconventional invitations...I thought this theme
merited a Jiffy Pop invitation. Who doesn't love old
school Jiffy Pop!?!

My mom found these pie tins in bulk, it was a perfect addition
one of my favorite activities was the s'mores bar

The birthday boy enjoying the s'mores bar

Photo booth fun

Hope you enjoyed your stay at Camp JC!


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