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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Perfect Party Favor

What is a party favor and when did party favors become so popular? As a party planner, I get this question often...

I think a party favor should be just a small token to your guest to show appreciation for their attendance at an event. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. With that said, I do believe it's a nice gesture. After all, your guests took the time out of their schedules and in some cases, brought a gift.

It's true party favors have probably gotten out of hand but here's a small token that can be tailored to suit almost any party theme:




  1. Wow, I just love parties. Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas. All these ideas will help me for next event planning. Thank you so much.

  2. I just liked the food item of the party because I like food.

  3. I am organizer of kid’s events in Dubai. As all know that they love sweets so much. I am searching for some food for them and I found that the food you represented is good for them.

  4. Party favors are something that need equal attention like everything while event planning and obviously you have shared few amazing ides here about event planning. So thanks for sharing.

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